I'll start off by saying I REALLY HATE THE INTERNET!! You would think that I would love it given the fact that I need it to run my business, you can make connections and share your creativity with the entire world. BUT, the people or robots (most likely both) on the internet are mean, it truly makes me worry about children's future and the things they will be exposed to. 

Those little devices we call phones that you can literally have access to any human being from logging onto some app. That type of exposure is scary to me, I like what you would call growing up in a bubble, being sheltered from others and the world and just learning to be the YOU that you are supposed to be. 

Do you remember when your child was 1, 2 or 3 or maybe 4 and there was no care in the world. They were truly FREE and I envied that, they truly didn't care what others thought of them and I genuinely loved vicariously living through them as they experienced the world for the first time. It's so innocent, so lovely and so joyful. 

When Sawyer was little he would wear all of his clothes backwards, inside out and an array of colors that did not match or go together, he often had bed head and never even cared to look in the mirror. I remember the day he started to care about what he looked like, he started to get upset if a certain clothing item wasn't washed or if his hair was sticking up and I remember feeling sad, I instantly realized that free, young, wild and carefree human was starting to care what others thought.

Now, I know all of this comes with growing up, I wasn't oblivious, I just wasn't prepared for it to hit me so hard. I hated it and I still hate it.

When your children begin to grow up they are exposed to all sorts of mean people, from bullies to people who are "just joking". People say "hurt people, hurt people" or "it says nothing about you, but a lot about them". Which I do believe is true and wish we could find a way to help those hurt people before they hurt more people. 

There are way too many young suicides, incidents at school that should NEVER happen, making fun of someone or bullying is somehow popular in a lot of cases and it's disheartening. 


Introducing the DON'T BE MEAN COLLECTION which is a freaking cool color changing tee that reads "Don't Be Mean" on the front. It might sound silly to some but I wanted to share this message because I think it's REALLY needed right now, the world needs your kindness.

For some reason there is this tiny box we are all supposed to fit into and if we don't we are made fun of, ridiculed or not included. 

What if we thought about what we said a little bit more?

What if we allowed people to be exactly who they want to be?

What if we didn't judge others?

What if we didn't define what is cool, what is out of style, what you should or shouldn't like?

What if we made that box so much bigger?

What if we let everyone fit into that box?

This collection is for anyone that wants to spread more kindness, for anyone that was a victim to a bully, for anyone that deals with MEAN internet comments, for anyone that needs a BIG HUG right now. 




Courtney North

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