“Every child, every person, adds unique value to our world.”

One of the most important lessons of parenting is that you will find out that children are unique and blessed in their ways, and you shouldn’t try to change them. Instead of instilling the qualities you want in your child, give them space and let them grow up and experience the world on their own.

Nurture the unique characteristics and qualities of your children through your guidance; they will learn to love themselves for who they are.

1.    Discover life goals together

When your children are growing up, try to take out time to observe and notice them quietly. Note down the activities they are interested in and encourage them to work on themselves and excel at what they do. Share stories about your life goals with them and what you wanted to become when you were their age.  Ask them what they would like to become in the future, and always have their back with advice and lessons from your life so that they don’t make the same mistakes that you did.

2.    Strengthen your bond with them

If you are one of those parents who always keep on scolding their children and have a strict attitude, then change your ways before it is too late. Work on your bond with your children as you don’t want to be known as the angry parent with whom the children can’t share anything. Once you bond with your children, they will share their feelings with you, and through your encouragement and motivation, they will be able to conquer the world.        

3.    Encourage them to be tolerant

Make sure that you raise your children in a world that is tolerant towards the race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and genders of other people. Ask them to show compassion and love to their peers no matter how their appearance is or the way they speak. If you raise them with tolerance, trust, self-esteem, they will easily embrace the differences around them and live with them instead of fighting for the wrong reasons.

4.    Let them choose for themselves

Instead of imposing your decisions, choices, likes, and dislikes on your children, let them make their own choices according to their style and personality. You may have wanted your child to become an engineer, but if they are interested in becoming an artist instead of demotivating them support their dreams. Let them find out what their dressing sense is so that they can dress up in what they like.

5.    Let them express their emotions

Whether you are the parent to a boy or a girl, make sure that your children share their feelings with you when they are sad or upset. If they don’t want to do something, make sure that they express it to you instead of keeping it hidden. If you encourage your child to open up, they will always share their feelings with you no matter how old they get.


Courtney North

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