Have you ever loved someone so much that you just want to squeeze the heck out of them and tell them how much you love them EVERY single day? Have you ever loved someone so much that hugging them can take all your anxiety away? Have you ever loved someone so much that when you stop and think about your life with them in it, it instantly makes you cry? Have you ever loved someone so much that you would do anything for them?

Well… welcome to motherhood.

 Being a mother is sort of a trip, RIGHT? You get to look at this cute squishy face every day and each day your like holy s*** I made him! Every time I look at that face, I instantly remember how much he changed my world. 7 years later, I still have days where I am in awe over this.
Today is the littlest they will ever be - doesn't that hit so hard reading that? They start becoming this unique human and each day you learn something new about them and you start to realize you NEVER want to let them lose their individuality. 
As a mother, all you ever want to do is protect them, protect them from bullies, real world stuff and people who tell them who they should and should not be. However, you can’t, you can’t hide them from it all.
One thing you can do is remind them of how loved they are each and every day because you know that’s what they need, they need to feel loved, wanted, appreciated and you have to be their biggest cheerleader, even when they are old enough to be embarrassed (they will thank you later).



When Sawyer (my son) was little we would lay in bed at night and talk about how much we love each other. First it was I love you this much (arms open wide), then it was I love you to the moon, then we would talk about what’s farther than the moon. The sun, mars, Saturn etc.
We eventually got to Pluto and said “I love you to Pluto and Back” and it stuck, we have said it to each other ever since.
It’s our little saying and since Don’t Fit In is our little brand we had to make this one of our designs and share it with all of you!
Don’t Fit In is all about being yourself and loving who you are and to me this quote fit right into our brand. Giving the message of I love who you are, I love you forever, and I love you no matter what.
Let’s keep on loving these kids hard and showing them how much they are loved and appreciated. This is our future and they need to feel loved ALWAYS.

Courtney North

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