How many of you are nuts about the cow print and yin yang?

Because I sure am crazy obsessed with the peculiar, abstract-like prints that stand apart from most of the designs in the market. They are so aesthetic, super neutral, and easy to style with just about anything in your wardrobes.
Interestingly, they have become quite the trend in fashion in the last few years. Top celebrity stars have come out wearing the yin yang crewnecks and cow print vans – the ones I absolutely adore! – with their Instagram pictures captioned a funny "Mooo."
Unlike other animal prints such as leopard and zebra, cow print and yin yang prints do not command more attention in an outfit. You can pull up a cow print van at any time and day and rock your outfit!

Here's why I love the cow print and yin yang, besides the obvious reasons.

Yin Yang represents the Chi energy
Having an obsession, of course, I looked up the prints to get some sneaky details into the peculiarity of these designs. They have existed on the face of the earth since the beginning of time. Come to think of it; cows were created with the Moo print by God, so that means no man had his/her hand in it.
If we skip the boring details of history, the yin yang was developed as a result of Chinese philosophy in the sixth century BC. (It's that old!)
It teaches us that there are opposing energies in the world; the lightness, represented by yin, and the yang symbolizes the darkness. Some philosophies even divide the two forces into male and female, but it isn't restricted. A person must have the balance of both energies to achieve a state of harmony.
The yin yang is also closely related to the harmony in healthy relationships, where there should be a balance of the "feminine" and "masculine" forces to breed love and respect. There are lots of other meanings of the yin yang print, something that I love to explore.
Reading this through, I understood why I'm so obsessed with the patterns. It's a raw portrayal of a harmonious lifestyle; who doesn't love to be balanced, stable, and at an equilibrium?
I currently have (and love) this yin yang tapestry. It looks divinely beautiful, harmonic, and super aesthetic in my home. Besides the yin yang crewnecks, I am now eyeing this phone case to be added to my collection.
Cow prints are ever-green
The moo print might not be everyone's favorite, but it sure is for me! I was happy to see that 2021 has become the year for the western-inspired cow print articles emerging as a hip trend. From chic cow print bags, midi skirts to a pair of jeans, I am also a die-hard fan of cow print vans.
Another trend that went viral at the end of summer was a cow print manicure, and I couldn't be happier. The pictures were all over Instagram, and I also tried them on my nails. Needless to say, thoroughly enjoyed having them.
I would love to know if you're like me, obsessed about cow print and yin yang designs, and crazy to add them in life. If it's a regular day out, I try my best to pair a cow print and yin yang article of clothing with my outfit. Do you do the same? Let me know in the comments below!
Here are some items I currently have + LOVE!!
Cow Print Phone Case from Wildflower Cases
Cow Print Pop Socket from Urban Outfitters
This Ying Yang Crewneck from Free People
This Ying Yang Crewneck from Wake Up With Weslie (crossing my fingers she does a new drop soon)
This Ying Yang Tapestry from Amazon (My son has this in his room)

Courtney North

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