About Don't Fit In

A movement and community founded by a mother-son duo with a Rebellious Spirit and an Innovative Soul. In 2020 Courtney North and her Son Sawyer (6 years old) came together to create a brand with a message that could help kids and families across the entire globe.

After seeing so many kids feeling isolated and feeling as though the world as they knew it was crashing down. As well as the constant pressure of how society thinks “you should be” they put their heads together and came up with their tagline: Don’t Sit Still. Don’t Fit In. – inspiring others to continually grow and embrace your true authentic self.

With Sawyer's innovative mind and love for drawing, he came up with their first design; a lightning bolt (simply because it never sits still and is always different) after combining it with the tagline, they began launching their Lightning Bolt Sweatshirt Collection.

Courtney always felt like an “Alien” simply feeling out of place in Utah and with the love they both shared for space and aliens they knew an alien would be the image of their brand.

That is how Don’t Fit in was Born.

Meet Courtney

If self-discovery is art, then Courtney North is making masterpieces – and inspiring others to make their own! Her story began in gorgeous Utah, where religion dominates and perfection is expected from all who live there. Like so many kids in today’s world, she felt pressured to stifle her beautiful individuality and settle for the unnatural image her surroundings demanded of her. Always knowing that this way of life wasn’t right for her, she eventually embarked on a magical journey of self-exploration in her mid-twenties.

Through letting go of that which no longer served her, she gained more space to get familiar with the real Courtney. As a devoted educator and talented children’s book author, Courtney has always been able to see the full potential of our youth. And when she brought her son and esteemed colleague, Sawyer, into the world, she realized she had a responsibility to pass on to him everything she had learned about living your best life, while also nurturing his creativity and self-expression. Everything came full circle, when, at just six years-old, Sawyer and his mother came up with an idea to help other kids feel comfortable in their own skin. And Don’t Fit In was born!

Meet Sawyer

It’s incredible what happens when you grow up in a supportive and accepting environment filled with encouraging people who love the real you. Thankfully, that’s the world that child prodigy, Sawyer Collins is living in. And it’s the makings of something extraordinary!

This young Brainiac is just seven years-old (going on 30). Better known as “SoyBoy” amongst his buddies, Sawyer is one heck of an artist with impressive ambition and a wealth of compassion. With a mother like Courtney, he has learned to love, accept, and appreciate every bit of himself, no matter what anyone else may say or think.

His desire to help others embrace who they truly are is what ultimately led him to the idea for Don’t Fit In. Now, as CEO of the company’s Fun Department, he is responsible for creating awesome designs for this inspiring clothing line. He handles all the other cool stuff, too. Sawyer even came up with the original artwork for the venture’s first (and signature) sweatshirt collection. When he isn’t busy tending to important business matters, he can be found partying it up with his best friend and brother, Greyson, or making people laugh their butts off with his hilarious wisecracks.

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