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Beenz and Peace Find Their Happy Place is a fun and adventurous story that promotes self-love, confidence, happiness and being different.

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About The Book

Beenz & Peace Find Their Happy Place

Beenz the alien is unique. With his cool hat, funky clothes, and one big front tooth, he’s the friendliest and funniest alien around. With his trusty dog, Peace, Beenz loves to explore his home planet of Saturn, where everyone seems a little bit the same and a little bit different. That is until one day, when people begin asking Beenz where he’s from. “You can’t be from Saturn. You’re too different.” Feeling unhappy, Beenz sets off on a quest to find his happy place – a place where he isn’t different, where he belongs.

Join Beenz and Peace on this funky space adventure as they discover that often, what you’re looking for is much closer to home than you imagined!


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What People Are Saying

“A remarkable book by Courtney North! This is a fun and insightful book that teaches children confidence, happiness, and the importance of being you. For parents who want to help their kids appreciate and share their uniqueness with the world, this is your book.”
Sean Covey,

New York Times Bestselling Author of The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

"Every kid (even some adults) needs to know they have a superpower. Beenz & Peace ingeniously illustrates that what makes us ‘different’ is, in fact, our superpower! I loved reading this positive book with my three boys!"
Scott Miller,

Wall Street Journal and Amazon Best Selling Author

"Courtney North has so brilliantly and creatively conveyed a message that every child needs to hear. She captures our hearts by reminding us to live courageously, confidently, and happily by being our most authentic self--a must read for every parent and child!"
Muriel Summers,

Principal at A.B. Combs Magnet Elementary

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